Regarding 110324 First Step Showcase

Some of you have commented that you have problems downloading from the Part 3 link of the 110324 First Step Showcase, and I know it’s really annoying since I have tried downloading from the link as well. However, I am pretty sure the link is fine at the moment as I just tried downloading from it again, and it works perfectly!:D 

I know I have been posting a lot of announcements recently. I didn’t want to post an announcement for this at first but I had no choice because some of your emails are not valid, and I just can’t inform you about this.><

A NOTE FOR EVERYONE*** Please provide me a valid email if you want me to send you passwords for any files. If not, you can’t blame me for not sending you the passwords. I usually don’t send passwords later than 2 days after you commented, so if you still do not receive any passwords after 2 days, check the post that you have commented on and see if I left any replies asking you to provide me a valid email address. Thank you all for your cooperation.:)

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