Bad News~

Bad news everyone. My Mediafire account has been suspended.T_T I really don’t know if I can reupload everything once again. Those who followed me right from the start will know that this isn’t the first time things have happened as the previous time, Megaupload was shut down.

I will see what can be done but I am really not sure at this moment as it came to me as quite a shock this morning.

Let Me Know What You Think?

I am thinking of updating the site with CNBLUE’s Season Greeting and Ear Fun Limited Edition DVDrip videos since the boys is currently on hiatus for their album promotion, and there is nothing much to update. They are both Chinese subbed though so I don’t know whether I should upload them. I am also thinking of doing English subs for those videos but I can’t promise anything because I am really busy recently.><

Please give me suggestions to let me know if I should upload the videos. The more the merrier please.:P

Happy BURNING Day!

It’s our Burning Jonghyun’s birthday today! So I just wanna wish him a wonderful birthday! I wanted to do it this morning but I had to rush to work so I didn’t have the time so yeah~:P Feel free to post your well wishes to Jonghyun~ And lastly, a pretty selca of Jonghyun~

C.N.Blue Season Greeting 2012

This is a special video that I have decided to share with everyone. I got the MQ version of this quite some time ago but I just found this TS version yesterday so I thought I share it with you all. It isn’t exactly HD but it’s of better quality than those previously. Enjoy the video.:)

P.S I decided to just put the Mediafire folder link instead of individual links of each part. Feeling lazy.xP


Regarding 110324 First Step Showcase

Some of you have commented that you have problems downloading from the Part 3 link of the 110324 First Step Showcase, and I know it’s really annoying since I have tried downloading from the link as well. However, I am pretty sure the link is fine at the moment as I just tried downloading from it again, and it works perfectly!:D 

I know I have been posting a lot of announcements recently. I didn’t want to post an announcement for this at first but I had no choice because some of your emails are not valid, and I just can’t inform you about this.><

A NOTE FOR EVERYONE*** Please provide me a valid email if you want me to send you passwords for any files. If not, you can’t blame me for not sending you the passwords. I usually don’t send passwords later than 2 days after you commented, so if you still do not receive any passwords after 2 days, check the post that you have commented on and see if I left any replies asking you to provide me a valid email address. Thank you all for your cooperation.:)